Old Portsmouth

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Old Portsmouth
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Old Portsmouth

Old Portsmouth is the historic heart of the city of Portsmouth, covering the original town dating back to the middle ages. The cobbled streets and historic pubs attract swathes of visitors every year. There are several marks in the area and are some of the most productive in the city if you're looking to catch smaller species.

Our advice is to travel light - LRF gear is perfect here, and long casting is not necessary. A section of ragworm on a simple dropshot style rig will get almost instant attention, and when the conditions are right you can pull out wrasse all day. For this reason, this is probably the best mark for introducing younger anglers to sea fishing.

The sea bed can be snaggy here, so bring along a good number of weights that you don't mind losing - old nuts and bolts are as good as anything here.



Several pubs - just make sure you buy a drink!
Plenty of decent pubs available
Tackle Shop
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Wrasse, Pollock, Gobies


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Old Portsmouth, Portsmouth, South East, England, PO1 2NS, United Kingdom

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