Inn On The Beach

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The Inn on the Beach in Hayling Island
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Inn On The Beach

The Inn on the Beach in Hayling Island is a popular pub and restaurant in the area, and a favourite spot for anglers. The mark offers a one two punch of excellent fishing, plus brilliant food and drink a stone's throw away! As a surf fishing mark, it fishes best a couple of hours either side of high water and is most productive at night. There is adequate parking right next to the beach so you won't have to lug your equipment long distances.

The Inn on the Beach is really just a landmark here - the fishing mark is either side of it, but most anglers set up with the pub on their right when looking out to sea. It's an excellent location for the usual shore fishing species, but is particularly good for targeting bream. Use small sections of squid or mackerel for best results. The water gets deep close in here, so it's not always necessary to cast out far. However if you do bring your full beachcasting gear, you will have access to bigger species by getting your baits further out.

Do make sure you visit the Inn on the Beach in Hayling Island - it's a genuinely excellent pub, especially when the sun is shining. The fishing is a bonus!


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